What if you could double your revenue with half of the headcount?

The data visibility you need for growth, now.

The technology you need for growth, tomorrow.

Modules to Superpower your 3PL Brokerage


HaulFox sources & reveals predicted reloads of future capacity already active within your ecosystem.


Pinpoint exact matches of real, strategic Shipper and Carrier opportunities to “hunt”.


Our powerful pricing module aggregates multi-source pricing data and then uses machine learning to identify the highest, most likely to win rate.


Loads are organized and prioritized by urgency, then intelligent algorithms and predictive technology automate daily broker functions and alert before problems happen.


Lower risk and maximize profit by instantly identifying the best carrier, at the best rate. Costly manual searching is a thing of the past.


Easily track and follow up on quoted loads to prospective customers to prevent lost business.  Accepted quotes seamlessly convert to active loads.


Automatically update current fuel surcharge calculations based on the U.S. National Average Diesel Fuel Index or use your own formula.  HaulFox also stores historical fuel surcharge indexes.


Manage your expedited loads with confidence and efficiency with emphasized visibility of these critical loads to all team members in your workflow.


Haul Fox keeps track of your rates for awarded Shipper lanes and eliminates error in recurring Shipper charges.


Haul Fox safeguards the rates that you negotiate with your Carriers to ensure that you choose the right Carrier and don’t over pay them.


One report with every possible detail about the load, from cradle to grave, you have the visibility to see it all.


Documents are received, verified and attached by load into our financial module. With one click you can send invoices to clients and schedule carrier settlements.

Enterprise Digital Freight Matching

HaulFox digitally matches the synchronicity of large-scale Shipper needs with available capacity patterns and provides an exact list of relationship opportunities for your customer acquisition team to “hunt”.

What’s really going on

HaulFox is a scalable Transportation Management System with proprietary technology that enables Freight Brokers
and 3PLs to visualize and deploy their data in order to gain a competitive edge. HaulFox provides a fluid
user experience, saves time and delivers analytics and insight to increase productivity and maximize profits. When we say,
“We Make Everything Click,” we mean it…HaulFox is your unified data solution, bringing it all together.

The future of logistics is in the hands of those who effectively govern & deploy their data strategically.

Features & Benefits

● All functions within one platform

● Full integration with all 3rd party tools

● Fluid user experience

● Intuitive design reduces training spend

● Equips all staff to work like a pro

● Access on any device without an app

● Your TMS in the palm of your hand

● Quick-glance management dashboard

● Scalable platform built for today and tomorrow

● Adaptable, flexible architecture

● Identify new opportunities with current clients

● Demo your tech capabilities to new clients

● Grow your business with data you already have

● Discover actionable matches to target

● Pinpoint lanes you are most likely to win

● Freight matching like you have never seen before

● Inbound documents processed automatically

● ZERO data entry, ZERO paper!

● “Review & Click” to invoice clients

● “Review & Click” to pay carriers

● Carrier Portal eliminates calls & emails

● Real-time QuickBooks integration

● Dynamic commissions portal

● Instant aggregated rates on your phone

● Artificial intelligence sharpens your pricing

● Eliminate price guessing

● Quote & RFP management

● Set margin minimums for quotes

● Insta-Quote emailed to the Shipper

● Shipper can book from the e-quote

● Identify the best carriers, instantly

● Cover more loads with less people

● Staff workloads, prioritized

● Predictive alerts, know before it happens

● Cache and use your invisible capacity

● Comprehensive load tracking & prediction

● One-Click posting to load boards

● One-Click carrier onboarding

● Internal carrier rating system

● Reduce carrier risk

● Qualify carriers before they onboard

● Electronic rate confirmations

● Dynamic analytics and reporting

Constant access to your data

From anywhere, on any device. No app required, just wi-fi.

What others say about HaulFox

“We are now able to automatically match our client’s loads with quality carriers, increase carrier performance levels with optimal visibility and greatly enhance our customer experience.”
-CFO, Large, Texas based 3PL with Assets
“Our staff loves how the HaulFox technology enables them to get more done in a day. Not only that, but now we have the ability to scale our 3PL business without adding additional staff.”
- Vice President of Brokerage, Large, Texas based 3PL with Assets
“The matching technology is invaluable, HaulFox is a step ahead of any TMS that I have seen on the market today.”
- CEO, Medium sized, growth focused 3PL based in Utah
“Being paperless and running our invoicing and settlements through HaulFox has made our accounting department run so much smoother. The time saved has tightened our cashflow tremendously.”
- CFO at Medium sized asset light 3PL based in Illinois

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